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Corporate Governance

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At Lumi, we embrace sustainability as vital for bolstering integrity and accountability throughout our organization. We are committed to implementing a robust governance framework across our operations, consistently upholding the principles of good corporate governance and adhering to internationally recognized standards.

Board Committees

The Board has established three permanent committees – an Audit Committee, a Nomination & Remuneration Committee, and an Executive Committee, which are responsible for reviewing the Company’s operations within their particular areas of expertise and presenting their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors. A high-level overview of the mandate of each of these committees, as at Listing, is set out below.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board with oversight of: (i) the integrity, effectiveness and accuracy of the Company’s financial statements, reports, and internal control system; (ii) the Company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the rules of professional conduct; (iii) the qualifications and independence of the Company’s external auditors; (iv) the performance of the Company’s internal audit and external auditors; and (v) evaluating and supervising the risk management system in the Company and the relevant procedures in this regard

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee oversees the nomination of Directors to the Board of Directors and the remuneration of Directors and Senior Executives. The duties and responsibilities of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee are mainly to: (i) lead the process of nominating and evaluating the Directors, Senior Executives and employees of the Company; (ii) ensure the effectiveness and soundness of the Company’s Board and Executive Management structures and the relevant internal policies and procedures; and (iii) assist the Board in the review and determination of the remuneration of Directors, members of the committees of the Board, Senior Executives and employees of the Company.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall have the right to exercise the authorities delegated to it by the Board and shall supplement the role of the Board within the set limits in the interim period between meetings of the Board. The exercise of such authorities by the Committee shall not prejudice the authority reserved for the Board.


Audit Committee Charter

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Executive Committee Charter 

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NRC Charter

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Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics Policy

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Disclosure Policy

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Stakeholder Protection Policy 

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Corporate Governance Policy 

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Dividends Distribution Policy

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