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Our Vehicles

New & well-maintained fleet

New & well-maintained fleet

With vehicles that are no older than 2 years, we are well-equipped to meet all types of needs.

Quality rides

Quality rides

We're an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Our vehicles are routinely serviced and thoroughly inspected for maintenance.

Cleanliness & safety first

Cleanliness & safety first

We thoroughly clean and sanitise our vehicles inside out, and follow the highest safety standards.

No smoking

No smoking

We have a strict no smoking policy to keep the air fresh and clean inside our vehicles.


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Rent a Car at Yanbu Airport

Yanbu is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and great spots for diving and snorkelling. This makes it one of the frequently visited locations in Saudi Arabia and the ideal escape from city life. Yanbu has its own airport which supports both domestic and international flights.

The best car rental company, Lumi has one of its branches there. You can rent a car at Yanbu Airport with Lumi and explore the city.

Lumi’s Branch at Yanbu Airport

Lumi prioritises customer satisfaction. We offer time-saving, hassle-free, quick and easy booking experiences with multiple payment options. Our highly trained advisors are ready to guide you every step of the way. Furthermore, everything is digitised starting from the operations at the airport counters to Tamm service integration. So, you can get your ideal car with an expedited government registration with the highest level of professionalism.

Get the Best Car Rental Service With Lumi at Yanbu Airport

Lumi provides a wide range of vehicles to meet all your requirements and you can rent your car at Yanbu Airport with ease. Apart from the latest models and vehicles that are not older than two years, Lumi also provides:

  • Online and instant booking at the airport.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance, in case of accidents and/or breakdown.
  • On-site maintenance solutions and preventative maintenance at your location.
  • Regularly sanitised fleet with ultimate attention to all touchpoint areas.
  • Clean, non-smoking, and regularly maintained vehicles for a safe and convenient experience.

How to Choose the Cheapest Rental Car at Yanbu Airport

Lumi has a dedicated team of advisors who will be at your disposal once you land and visit our airport car rental branch. Whether you want a luxury car or a budget-friendly one, Lumi has got your back! We provide our customers with a vast fleet of both economy and luxury cars in our branch at Yanbu Airport. Here are some pointers to look out for to get the cheapest rental cars:

  • Last-minute booking during high season may cause the car rental rate to go high; therefore, our advisors recommend booking the car you want in advance.
  • Fuel and kilometre policies have to be considered before renting a car.
  • Rental policies should be reviewed in advance to avoid any extra charges.
  • Call us on 9200 28 428 for more information.

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Top 3 Attractions Near Yanbu Airport

Yanbu Lake Park

Night market

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Top 3 Nearby Restaurants - Yanbu Airport

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